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DIY JCrew Threaded Belts_thumbanil

I’m going to start posting my video tutorials in step by step photo tutorial format as well because I know some of you really enjoy that. I spotted these beautiful J.CREW threaded belts at the store a few weeks back and instantly thought that I could recreate these at a fraction of the cost at home. It was a very simple yet incredibly tedious process. I would say have your favorite TV show in the background, it’s going to be a long yet relaxing afternoon.

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1. Tie a knott around the belt.
2. Secure the thread with tacky glue. This will also be your prepped surface for applying the thread.
3. Start rotating the belt making sure each thread lies nicely next to the previous one without overlapping.
4. Once you’re happy with the section of thread secure it by looping it through.
5. Secure the thread with glue and prep your surface with glue for the next thread section. Repeat the same steps.
**I also decided to add some studs, but feel free to leave the belt as it is. It is a beautiful hand crafted piece and will be sure to get you lots of compliments. I do all the time:)

Here is the video tutorial as well:

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