This week I set a goal for myself to organize all my jewelry since it was taking a considerable amount of space on my dresser and it was just a mess despite of some attempts at organizing it in the past. Earlier on Monday I showed you how I organized my necklaces, and today I’m going to show you a really fun and efficient way on how to organize your bracelets. I think this method is really great because if you need a bracelet that’s all the way at the bottom you can easily lift all the bracelets and put them back on without making a mess.

Here are the materials you’re going to need:
* Glue Gun
* PVC Pipe (Or any stick that has a hoe large enough to put your door knobs through)
* Door knobs
* Mosaic Glass Tiles
* Craft Glue
* Acrylic Paint
* Spray Pait
* Bottle (For optional storage)
you will need

Step by Step tutorial:
1. Spray paint the PVC pipes and wood platforms.
2. Nail in a nail through the platform. This will be your support for the pipe.
3. Paint the wood platform with two coats.
4. Glue down the PVC pipe to the nail and the platform.
5.  Create a random or organized pattern by bluing down the mosaic tiles.
6. Glue the door knob to the pipe.

Video tutorial

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