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July 2013



DIY Runway: Emilio Pucci Clutch

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Happy #DIYRunway!

Today we’re going to be making a little piece of art that will gracefully turn any outfit into a statement. Some of you have probably noticed that I’ve been doing much less DIY projects both on the blog and Youtube. I decided that I’m only going to create a project if I see something that truly inspires me. As soon as I saw a photo of the Emilio Pucci box clutch I simply knew I had to recreate it for you guys. Enjoy!

Screen Shot 2013-07-31 at 3.10.47 PM

For this project you will need:
1) A variety of beads, rhinestones and natural stones. I purchased mine at Michael’s and Hobby Lobby. |
2) A nice durable jewelry glue. I would recommend the Jewelry glue by Martha Stewart or E6000.
3) An old box clutch. I purchased mine on sale from H&M for only $8.
4). Dimensional Magic Mod Podge (Optional)

Step-by-step Instructions:
1). Organize all your beads for easy access and use an image for reference. You can download it HERE.
2). Use a durable jewelry glue or embellishing glue.
3). Glue your biggest pieces first. Those will be your point of reference for building your design.
4). Continue layering the jewels/stones creating the desired design leaving as little gaps as possible.
5). Use tweezers for smaller beads. Makes life much easier.
6). For the remaining gaps fill them with Dimensional Magic and sprinkles seed beads on top.

As always video tutorial is provided!’

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June 2013



EASY AS 1-2-3: How To Shrink Shoes

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easy as 1-2-3-shoes

you will need

Happy Monday!
Today I’m going to show you how I shrunk my shoes. I found these gorgeous Miu Miu ballerinas at my local buffalo exchange, and although they were a size too big I just couldn’t pass them on. I found this method to be very quick and effective.You will need: water, a blow drier and leather conditioner.

Step 1: Carefully wet the sides of your shoes without getting it on the sole.
Step 2: Blow-dry . Repeat the steps back and forth until you achieve the desired results.
Step 3: Apply leather conditioner to preserve the longevity of your shoes and pamper them after the blow-dry.
* Tip: This will only work of leather shoes, otherwise they might just melt and you will be very sad.

P.S. Video tutorial here in case you need more help:)




May 2013



EASY AS 1-2-3: DIY Necklace Display

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1-2-3 Monday

Hey guys!

As this blog is very new, I am still working on a consistent schedule as well as a fun series that is different from what I post on youtube. I strive to provide you with original content here rather then throwing in what I’ve already done on Youtube. So with all that I decide to start a series called “EASY AS 1-2-3″, where each Monday I am going to show you a quick little tutorial that only takes three steps. I hope you enjoy!
Today I laid out all my necklaces and was just thinking what I can do to organize them and still be able to admire at them. I glanced over at my inspiration board and decided to sacrifice it for a good cause. I spray painted it earlier, since all the accents in my office are gold, so it was pretty much ready to go. All I had to do is press the push pins onto the board and arrange my necklaces how I wanted. I tried to create a bit of an artwork arranging the necklaces by weight, colors and length, therefore the pins aren’t proportional. The cool thing about this method of display is that I’ll be able to move the pieces around once I welcome new necklaces into my collection.
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May 2013



My Wall of Frames

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Ever since I dreamt oh having an office I knew I wanted a frame collage to showcase my watercolor illustrations and beautiful photos that inspire me. I collected some frames from thrift shops, TJMaxx and even Ikea and decided to finally and turn my boring wall into a cheerful eclectic collage.
beautiful mess

I started by laying out the frames to figure out the general layout and pick out which frames I want to spray paint. Then I laid them out on newspaper and spray painted them with two coats.


To have a good idea of how the collage is going to look on the wall I cut out the shapes of my frames and taped them to the wall. This will also help you place the nails in the right spots without measuring. After I placed the cutouts where I though it looked good, I started hammering the nails right onto the newspaper, then after removing the paper, I hanged my beautiful frames.

And Voila!

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May 2013



DIY Stella McCartney Falabella

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If you’re in the market for a large comfy bag for your every day necessities, this project is perfect for you. Grab some fresh watermelon juice and let’s get workin’!

As promised I will do my best to start listing all the materials you need for my DIY projects. For this project you will need (You can always see if you have any of these items at home):
- Suede: 1 Yard/1 M
- Curb Link Chain: 10ft/ 3 M. (Link Size Approximatively 10x15mm)
- Revolving Hole Punch
- Embroidery Floss: 2-3 skeins
- Flat Nose Pliers
The bag measurements are very simple. I drew out a quick sewing pattern with all the dimensions. Don’t mind my architectural tick marks, that’s the only way I know how to do it since that’s what I went to school for:)  Click HERE to view the pattern.


Here is the video tutorial and if you decide to give this project a try tag your creation #DIYRunway on Instagram and Twitter. Also follow this blog via Bloglovin so you don’t miss a post.



May 2013



DIY Runway: J.Crew Threaded Belts

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Hey everyone,

DIY JCrew Threaded Belts_thumbanil

I’m going to start posting my video tutorials in step by step photo tutorial format as well because I know some of you really enjoy that. I spotted these beautiful J.CREW threaded belts at the store a few weeks back and instantly thought that I could recreate these at a fraction of the cost at home. It was a very simple yet incredibly tedious process. I would say have your favorite TV show in the background, it’s going to be a long yet relaxing afternoon.

blog post


1. Tie a knott around the belt.
2. Secure the thread with tacky glue. This will also be your prepped surface for applying the thread.
3. Start rotating the belt making sure each thread lies nicely next to the previous one without overlapping.
4. Once you’re happy with the section of thread secure it by looping it through.
5. Secure the thread with glue and prep your surface with glue for the next thread section. Repeat the same steps.
**I also decided to add some studs, but feel free to leave the belt as it is. It is a beautiful hand crafted piece and will be sure to get you lots of compliments. I do all the time:)

Here is the video tutorial as well:

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