Hello everyone,

I don’t think I ever shared with you the emotion I felt inside a few months back when I got the opportunity to attend NYFW.  My first fashion show felt surreal. As I got a bare glimpse of the luxurious flowing gowns from behind the lady with broad shoulders, I couldn’t believe my eyes that I was there in the middle of a real fashion show that was strangely muted by the flickering cameras sounding like angry crickets. That was the moment that made all those sleepless nights editing videos, sewing jewels and designing jewelry worth it. I felt like I was part of something beautiful, even though I could barely see what was going on. It was so special to me.






I was invited to participate in a competition to win a trip to Amsterdam Fashion Week, to which of course I said I would do my best to make a contribution. This look is something I would wear to the event, expect I would probably add some tights and layers to make sure I don’t freeze. I combined the flouncy houndstooth skirt with a relaxed silk cami and topped it off with my favorite structured leather jacket. The gloves are a touch of jeweled femininity that bring the vision of the look to completion.


Seeing your dreams turn into reality is magical and incredibly rewarding. I’ve always said that if my dreams don’t scare me they’re not big enough. I would love to one day attend European Fashion weeks like Amsterdam Fashion Week and just sit down with my camera and take pictures of all the beautiful street style.
Thank you Fashionchick for this wonderful opportunity. Be sure to check out Fashionchick to get a peek of all the latest and greatest in the fashion industry.


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