Happy Monday everyone!

Recently I had the opportunity to speak at a panel for the Youtube Fashion Night Out event. I have never spoken at a panel before so I was a little nervous about whether I was going to say something silly or jumble up my thoughts like I do sometimes. I have this thing where I start another point/thought before finishing the previous one. Thankfully, I did a pretty good job and really enjoyed the fun and relaxed crowd. I did think it was kind of funny explaining Bloggers the difference between Youtube and Blogging. Most of the people in the auditorium didn’t even know what a TAG was, which is something that is so 2nd language to us Youtubers. I’m sure I don’t know a lot things about blogging either since I’ve only been doing it consistently for a little over a month:)



A few days before the event I got an email that Bebe was working with Youtube for the event and had offered to dress all the panelists. We had so much fun strolling around the store and picking out pieces for the event. I’ve always been a huge fan of how well-fitting Bebe clothes are so I was excited to put together this look. While searching around the store, I had a sudden realization that I’ve been constantly wearing baggy tops for the last few years and they never made me feel sexy and confident. So I decided to go for this bodycon leotard and topped it off with a peplum utility jacket for an added effortless flare.  From now on I going to make a decision to purchase clothes at flatter and accentuate my figure opposed to hiding it.



I have a question for you. What is a piece of clothing that gives you the most confidence? Thank you for reading!

Outfit Credit: Utility Jacket: Bebe, Striped Bodysuit: Bebe, Wax Pants: Bebe, Shoes: Prabal Gurung for Target, Purse: Juicy Couture, Bracelets: Erica Anenberg.


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