Hello my lovely unicorns,

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It’s Thanksgiving morning here in Nashville and I’m just sitting here thinking how happy I am with everything that I have been given. Some of you may have noticed that you weren’t able to access my blog for the past couple of weeks. It’s a complicated ordeal, but in a few words, my domain name expired and due to Google’s changes in how you access your G-suite account I was no longer able to log in and save my domain. Between my management team, web design agency and myself we spent long hours calling and trouble shooting. Something that seems so simple to figure out turned into my worst nightmare. My blog was gone and I couldn’t retrieve any of my posts back. A few days ago I got a call from my manager and one of my best friends Petar that somehow through hours of trial and error and phone calls he was able to get everything back.
I feel like I often take for granted this platform that I’ve been given to share my creativity and thoughts and so many times I don’t even think twice that I can get on the internet and post something that will go out to thousands of people. I’m not saying that my blog is the most important thing in my life I’m thankful for, but it’s incredible how much more you appreciate something when you risk losing it. I encourage you to take a look of everything in your life, whether it’s your family, significant other or job situation and just have a moment to truly appreciate in your heart everything you have and fall in love with your life, every minute of it.


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