Hello everyone,

I was glad that you guys enjoyed reading about my project we shot in NYC together with the Garnier Color Styler team. In case you guys haven’t seen the video yet, definitely check it out below!

There is a really cool part of the campaign that I would love for you guys to participate in. Garnier Color Styler is giving you the chance to be their 72 hour spokesmodel and earn the title of the Funnest Girl in the world. All you have to do is give the hair color a try like I did and show us where you wore the look using the #funnestgirl. Find out more info Here.

On a side note to update you what I’ve been up to, I just got back from Hawaii and let me tell you…I’ve always seen postcards and photos of beautiful Hawaii sunsets and dreamed of the day when I’d be able to visit. This past week has been an absolute dream come true to just take a few days off, roll around in sand and enjoy beautiful Maui sunsets.







I know this is going to be the most First world problem you’re ever hear about, but quite frankly trying to buy something to wear on the beach in November is not an easy task. I was so excited to find this little lace dress. It’s a pretty versatile piece as it could go with shorts and a bralette, or you can dress is up and wear with a white slip underneath. I just let my hair kind of run wild for the week, but I definitely wish I put some blue streaks in it for fun. Next time:)

much love,


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