Hello dear readers,

Today I bring to you something a little different. Although I haven’t had any sleep this past night, I can say that I am the proud owner of two Phillip Lim for Target handbags, three pullovers and a blouse. Victory!

Rewind a couple months back- Oh, the excitement when first I read that Phillip Lim was producing a line for us savvy fashionistas! I marked it down on my calendar and I knew that September 15 was reserved exclusively for Phillip Lim. My next step was to convince someone to come stand with me in line, for which of course Daniel was the perfect candidate. He was thrilled that the line contained some nicely tailored pieces and accessories for men so we were both pretty excited. Now you might think this is a bit excessive, but I didn’t want to take any chances, so we got to the nearest participating store at 4AM to make sure we were the first people in line to snag those coveted bags. I might also add that we were painting all day, so we alsowanted to get out of the apartment and breath some fresh air.





As soon as the doors opened at 8AM they let the crowd storm in groups of 10. Each group had a total of 2 minutes to grab whatever possible. I picked out solely the items that I had originally planned and left room for the other excited shoppers to browse, so they can get dibs on their first picks as well. The shelves cleared out as quickly as in 5 minutes and I couldn’t help but feel bad for the ladies that just kept asking whether I’m sure if I want those bags. I was PRETTY sure:)
The clean silhouettes and pop-art inspired prints are going to fit in just right in my closet. As expected, the quality of the pieces including the handbags (retail at $35 each) aren’t the brightest diamonds in the bunch, but Lim sure did generously share the defining elements which make a piece a Phillip Lim piece, for which I’m very grateful!

If you could choose one designer to create an accessible collection for budget fashionistas, who would it be?

Pieces shown: Handle Crossbody/Yellow, Mini Satchel with Gusset, Boom Print Sweatshirt, Pullover: Navy/Green, Pullover: Animal Print, Sparkle Blouse.


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