Ever since I dreamt oh having an office I knew I wanted a frame collage to showcase my watercolor illustrations and beautiful photos that inspire me. I collected some frames from thrift shops, TJMaxx and even Ikea and decided to finally and turn my boring wall into a cheerful eclectic collage.
beautiful mess

I started by laying out the frames to figure out the general layout and pick out which frames I want to spray paint. Then I laid them out on newspaper and spray painted them with two coats.


To have a good idea of how the collage is going to look on the wall I cut out the shapes of my frames and taped them to the wall. This will also help you place the nails in the right spots without measuring. After I placed the cutouts where I though it looked good, I started hammering the nails right onto the newspaper, then after removing the paper, I hanged my beautiful frames.

And Voila!

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