Hello everyone,

As most of you know I am Moldovan/Russian so inviting someone into your home is like saying “Hey I really like you, welcome into my life”. Today I’m inviting you into my home and hope this can help you get to know a little bit more about me and how I like to do things.

I moved into my new loft downtown LA almost a year ago and now I can finally proudly say that it’s completely finished. My vision for decorating and furnishing was to create a clean vibrant space where I can section the open floorplan into a work and living area. I implented neon lights and geometric details throughought the loft keeping the color palette to metallics and royal blue to complement the rough concrete floors.

For the living room area the predominant theme is scatered geometric shapes and metalics creating an industrial oasis. I’m particularly fond of my little hanging terrarium mixed in with wire cubes that I attached to the celining with black chains and a metallic tube. I somehow managed to accomlish that without killing myself or dropping glass into my face- YAY! The glass balls are filled with green moss that stays green for up to 5 months. Maybe I’ll replace it with some fun jade jewels next time; possibilities are endless.

I live in a very old building so getting my kitchen renovated was a huge plus. I just love the abundance of hearty home cooked meals I can produce in it *sarcasm*. I really do wish I had more time to grocery shop, I love cooking at home!

I spent so much time at Home Depot trying to find the perfect dark navy and what seemed like perfect in the store turned out to be a very bright and vibrant royal blue. I was too lazy to repaint it so I just let it be. Sometimes you just can’t have it all *sigh*. That corner doesn’t get much sunlight which makes it perfect for Sunday morning hybernation. I’ve had the worst of luck with buying beds, they always seem to break bend and be the wrong size. This one I didn’t screw the bed frame properly which resulted in it bending and breaking. In turn, I had to remove the frame and just nail the headboard into the wall. So far hasn’t killed me in my sleep so that’s fantastic!

Now I present to you the area of my loft where I spend countless hours a day- the office. My vision was to create a simple clean space utilizing lots of glass and minimal metallics. I love my inspirational prints which I got matted and framed at Michaels. Yes it cost a small fortune if you must ask, but I’m super proud of how it turned out! I like to have my desk facing the window so I don’t get glare on my computer and also spy on people while I work :p



I hope you guys had fun touring my home and that it brings a little inspiration for those of you who love decorating!

Typography Prints: SEALOE, Blue sofa: ZGallerie, Chair: Immitation Phillip Stark, Shelves: PB2, Geomtric Acessories: PB2, Silver Coffee Table: Z Gallerie, Silver Sofa: ZGallerie, Bed: Target.com,

Photography: http://www.jonathanyacoub.com


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