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Happy Monday!
Today I’m going to show you how I shrunk my shoes. I found these gorgeous Miu Miu ballerinas at my local buffalo exchange, and although they were a size too big I just couldn’t pass them on. I found this method to be very quick and effective.You will need: water, a blow drier and leather conditioner.

Step 1: Carefully wet the sides of your shoes without getting it on the sole.
Step 2: Blow-dry . Repeat the steps back and forth until you achieve the desired results.
Step 3: Apply leather conditioner to preserve the longevity of your shoes and pamper them after the blow-dry.
* Tip: This will only work of leather shoes, otherwise they might just melt and you will be very sad.

P.S. Video tutorial here in case you need more help:)


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  • loved the way you laid out this post! And it was a highly informative, fun video 🙂 …and obvi, CUTE SHOES!!! <3

    • Evelina

      Thank you! ^_^

  • thats great !! , thanks 🙂

  • Dee

    Okay great Idea! So if this technique works on leather shoes, would also work on leather jackets??
    I have a beautiful leather jacket, but it’s a bit bigger than my size.. 🙁

    Thank You very much. XOXO

  • When I saw this video on youtube I actually tried it on my doll shoes. It worked! 😀


  • Sherry

    Thank you! Haha, love your disclaimer..”otherwise they will melt and you will be very sad.”

  • I really didn’t like those shoes when I saw them like that but a while ago you did a fashion post or a video in which you were wearing them and I loooooved the way they looked and complemented the look! 😀



    • Evelina

      Thank you!xox

  • mukovhe

    Does this technique work on metallic leather also?