1-2-3 Monday

Hey guys!

As this blog is very new, I am still working on a consistent schedule as well as a fun series that is different from what I post on youtube. I strive to provide you with original content here rather then throwing in what I’ve already done on Youtube. So with all that I decide to start a series called “EASY AS 1-2-3”, where each Monday I am going to show you a quick little tutorial that only takes three steps. I hope you enjoy!
Today I laid out all my necklaces and was just thinking what I can do to organize them and still be able to admire at them. I glanced over at my inspiration board and decided to sacrifice it for a good cause. I spray painted it earlier, since all the accents in my office are gold, so it was pretty much ready to go. All I had to do is press the push pins onto the board and arrange my necklaces how I wanted. I tried to create a bit of an artwork arranging the necklaces by weight, colors and length, therefore the pins aren’t proportional. The cool thing about this method of display is that I’ll be able to move the pieces around once I welcome new necklaces into my collection.
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