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Do you ever feel like wearing what you’re already wearing at home because it just feels so cozy and comfortable? This is exactly what I did with this look except I dressed it up with a button up for that casual yet put-together effect. I like the heaviness of the cable knit sweater dress combined with the lightweight crisp button-up. Mixing different elements like fabric weights and textures is the recipe for beautiful layering.

I wanted to thank you for the incredible support on the contest post, you guys nearly brought me to tears. I wanted to officially announce that I won the Fashionchick contest and will be attending Amsterdam Fashion Week next month. Even though you might be thinking that I’ve been doing a lot of cool stuff lately, this still means A LOT to me. I don’t take opportunities like these for granted and of course will be doing a meet-up in Amsterdam. I’ll let you know all the details as soon as I know more myself. Again, thank you for being there- you rock!

Outfit Credit: Sweater: Windsor, Button-up: H&M, Backpack: Aeropostale, Socks: H&M, Booties: H&M, Jewelry: Marc Jacobs & F21.

much love,

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  • oh so sexy love!!!!
    i’m still on a hunt for long socks like that loll but i never have the guts to wear ’em out eek.

    • Evelina

      Thanks babes! I’ve felt the exact same, especially with not being the tallest girl. But it’s seriously awesome, try it!

  • Waah that’s a GORGEOUS outfit and your hair complements it so well!!
    You’re super pretty as always… 😀

    Felicitari pentru ascest blog, e foarte frumos!



    • Evelina

      Multumesc frumos!<33333

  • Roelien

    I’m so happy for you that you won the contest! You deserve it, i know you work hard for it. And it would mean the world to me if you want to a meet up when you’r in Amsterdam! You inspire me so much and my biggest wish is to meet you!

    – Ilove your pink hair, it really suits you 😀

    Lots of love from holland (the netherlands)

    • Evelina

      Thank you so much! And of course I’m doing a meetup. Can’t wait to meet you!

      • Maud

        That is soooooo awesome, I love love love your videos they inspire me every day. I always talk about you and your channel and all my friends know you by now 🙂
        I hope that I can come to the meetup I really want to meet you!!!

  • So beautiful and cozy! Love the fancy jewelry with the knits, makes it so fashionable and glam, you’re always an inspiration Evelina! <3

  • Emma

    I love how your hair looks against the crisp white

    • Evelina

      Thank you! xoxox

  • This is a cute outfit, and your hair color is really pretty too!

  • Zoe

    I’m in-love with your bag! I soooo love the whole outfit. Great post, Evelina!

    xoxo Zoe

    • Evelina

      Thank you!:)

  • love this outfit, and you look really great in it!!! thigh high socks are so daring, but they always take an outfit to the next level 🙂
    xo, coco | MILLENNIELLE.COM

  • Nanette

    You are going to do meet ups in Amsterdam? 0.o
    I love your blogposts and youtube videos so since I’m from the Netherlands I’m 100% sure I’ll be there <3

  • You look awesome, I don’t think I can wear thigh-highs without having my morals questioned, haha.

  • Pauline

    You look beautiful in the dress (:
    Your hair is still beautiful (: because your hair looks so cute when it’s curled I did mine too (:
    Amsterdam is far, but I am going to try and visit you, because it is so unbelievable that you are coming to the Netherlands (I live in Belgium so yeah) I hope my mom will let me go or something (; it woul be so incredible.

  • Eline

    Super cute outfit! And jeeeej offcourse u won the contest, your outfits are amazing = ) I live about an hour from Amsterdam, so if i don’t have my exams i will definitely come!
    Oh and btw when u come, dress warm because it is cold out here and in January there might be even snow!

    Lots of love,


  • Eve

    You are so pretty and I love your style! Ive been following your youtube channel for quite a while now and I love it! ♥♥

  • It’s one of my favorite kinds of outfits for lazy days when you still want to look cute! So confy and simple, yet sexy 😉

  • I love this look, it looks so snug!
    Congratz on winning the contest, you’ve been working hard for a long time and deserve every bit of success that comes your way XO

  • Ce draguta esti Evelina! Te apreciez enorm de mult si te urmaresc cu mare drag!

    Pink Wish Blog

  • I love the backpack and socks combo! And so glad the pink hair has been sticking, you look so cool with it! xoxo

  • Congratulations on winning!
    I love the knee highs with this look, desperately want to try something similar 🙂

  • CONGRATS! I’m so happy for you, and I love this outfit. You are huge fashion inspiration for me! 🙂

  • Agus

    Lovely outfit!
    Congratulations on winning go the Amsterdam Fashion Week! I’m happy for you 🙂
    I see that you work hard and you deserve it.
    Kisses and love,


  • noeemi

    Evelina you are amazing! Your style is so unique and lovely!
    Si parul tau este minunaat <3 poate treci prin Romania candva :3

  • I love this outfit! And congratulations!<3

  • Beautiful outfit! So nice that you’r going to AFW, I live in Amsterdam, i’m maybe also going to AFW 🙂

  • Love this look! All the way down to your beautiful rings. You really pulled together basics to create such a fresh look. Gorgeous hair too by the way. So full and beautiful 🙂


  • So cute, that sweater is perfect!

  • Such a cute look !

  • I love your youtube videos!

  • Poly♥

    Gorgeous outfit! It looks fantastic on you

  • Gorgeous as always and I really love your pink beautiful hair! <3



  • First of all Congratulations for winning The FashioChickontest. You deserve it!!!!!! You’re doing a meet-up in Amsterdam. Yaaay I’m soo excited! I hope that I can afford it to come to Amsterdam!

  • Absolutely gorgeous! These outfits are perfect for winter time… in California 😛 Unfortunately in Europe, we could never dress like this in winter, without catching pneumonia.

  • This is so beautiful why you didn’t post it on lookbook
    I love it ♥

  • You are so gorgeous! I love watching your youtube videos and your fashion is perfect!

  • Lisa

    Wow, I really LOVE this outfit, you look so pretty Evelina 🙂
    And congrats xoxo

  • silly girl
  • Just found you YouTube Channel and I love it!

    Love your hair and the tall socks!

    Rachel Ashley

  • Evelina, I absolutely love how you make everything simple look amazingly beautiful and stylish.


  • Pretty cool look. Gorgeous sweater and boots 🙂


  • Your hair is gorgeous! I really love this outfit, especially the sweater dress – looks so comfortable.


  • Brooklyn

    hey Evelina,
    i was wondering what camera you have? you should do a video about your camera & where you guys shot:)

  • Amazing outfit, love love love your blog. It is so inspiring and beautiful! xx

  • Alexa

    You look so gorgeous and your outfit is just beautiful I’m crying!

  • Anne

    I love your video’s! It is great you won the contest and that you’ll come to the Netherlands! I wish I could go to Amsterdam to meet you but I live in southern Netherlands. I have many tests after that weekend, so I’ll have to study, it is a too long ride to Amsterdam…

  • Demi

    Can’t wait to see you on the 26 !!

    • Evelina


  • Zie

    OMG, I love the colour of your hair! Pretty pretty!

  • How on earth were you able to make the sweater dress look sexy? Applause!

  • Your hair looks great and love the outfit.