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Crispy Comfort

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Do you ever feel like wearing what you’re already wearing at home because it just feels so cozy and comfortable? This is exactly what I did with this look except I dressed it up with a button up for that casual yet put-together effect. I like the heaviness of the cable knit sweater dress combined with the lightweight crisp button-up. Mixing different elements like fabric weights and textures is the recipe for beautiful layering.

I wanted to thank you for the incredible support on the contest post, you guys nearly brought me to tears. I wanted to officially announce that I won the Fashionchick contest and will be attending Amsterdam Fashion Week next month. Even though you might be thinking that I’ve been doing a lot of cool stuff lately, this still means A LOT to me. I don’t take opportunities like these for granted and of course will be doing a meet-up in Amsterdam. I’ll let you know all the details as soon as I know more myself. Again, thank you for being there- you rock!

Outfit Credit: Sweater: Windsor, Button-up: H&M, Backpack: Aeropostale, Socks: H&M, Booties: H&M, Jewelry: Marc Jacobs & F21.

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