Hello everyone,

This is my final post on Amsterdam. Photos are worth 1000 words, so enjoy and be sure to comment which one was your favorite.














Until next time, Amsterdam!


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  • Amy Louise


  • You are so right when you say that photos are worth 1000 words. Sometimes even more. I feel sad there won’t be anymore Amsterdam posts but I love knowing that I can always come back here or watch your Amsterdam video’s on YouTube. My fav photo is the one with your gorgeous rose gold headphones, rings, shades, glasses, koffie 😉 and fashion diary and the one with you in the mint green coat on one of the channel bridges. Did you take all the pictures you’re not in? Thanks again for your kind words at the meetup! XOXO

    • Evelina

      Thank you so much! I’ll be back for sure:) I took all of them except for the ones with me in them <3 xoxoxo

  • Amy Louise

    I have posted but don’t think it worked. I

  • Mai

    Can’t choose just one, I love them all!
    Can I request a video or blogpost?


    • Evelina

      Yes of course!

      • Mai

        Something that would help in dressing for interviews or presentations, without being too dull or too over the top. And any ideas on professional looks , office-suitable looks, etc.
        Also , trying to look older by the way you dress, without requiring to put too much make up. (I don’t know if this is a common problem), but I am really baby faced, and its not fun when people think im 15, when im actually 21.

        I hope you take these into consideration.

        Love all your work Evelina!


        • Evelina

          Really good request! Thank you beautiful<3

  • Great photos and I love the video on youtube!!


    • Evelina

      Thank you!<3

  • Beautiful pictures!

  • Loved all the photos Evelina! Seems like you have a great trip.


    P.S.-Loved your recent fashion diary!

  • This was really interesting for me as I should be going to Amsterdam myself. I love the picture with the bikes behind you. You can tell immediately where you are! Love the beanie!


  • Awesome pics!!!!!!!


  • SillyGirl

    I love all these photoes and the one with the red heels is absolutely my favourite:)
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  • Absolutely gorgeous pics! 🙂

  • Pauline

    I just love all the photos. They are so beautiful, I always enjoy looking you photos they are just so special. They are amazing 😀

  • All of these pictures are so beautiful! You are so stunning and your my role model! I absolutely love your fashion sense its so chic and very classy!

    • Evelina

      Thank you so much!

  • Wow looks like you had an incredible time, beautiful pictures!!


  • silvia

    Favorits: from 1 to 14 🙂 Love them all, good job


    • Evelina


  • I utterly adore your work! The pictures are fabulous and your self-expression through fashion is so inspiring.
    Although I watched your videos for some time, I love that you got into blogging. I don’t know how you find time for all of that girl.

    Sending warm hugs from snowy Ohio 🙂


    • Evelina

      Thats makes me so happy! Thank you SO much! Much love from California:)

  • My favorite pictures are the fourth one with the red heels, the eighth one with your headphone and fashion diary, ninth one with the tub of soap, bicycle, black heels, and the last one with the umbrella 🙂

    • Evelina

      Thank you!<3

  • How could I pick just a favourite!?
    All of the photos look amazing and were taken perfectly! It’s obvious Evelina you work so hard on your Blog/YouTube channel. I really do wish you even more success and hope for the future x

    With love, Jessica

  • Love them all. My 2 favorites are the one with the red shoes and the one with the little book and the awesome Frends headphones, I wanna get those so bad!
    May I ask what type of camera do you use to take this incredibly high quality pictures?

    • Evelina

      Thank you! We use a Canon 5D Mark III <3

      • Thank you so much for answering, most bloggers never do, that makes you even more awesome 🙂

  • bianca

    all the pictures look amazing! You do an awesome job at taking them:) for some reason I really like the third picture. I hope you enjoyed your stay in Amsterdam, it was so great to meet you! xo

    • Evelina

      Thanks so much! And thank you for coming to the meetup <333

  • Mimiiej

    Amazing diary, love how you have shown amsterdam in your video. Can you please tell me which place it is in the fourth picture? Would love to know. Thank youuu xxx

    • Evelina

      Hey Thank you so much! Its the 5&33 restaurant at the Art’Otel, highly recommend. Really cool decor and amazing food!

  • I love the fashion diary idea, it’s so personal, and at the same time so global!

  • Beautiful ,beautiful , beautiful!!! <3 everything i see is beautiful <3 and god that jacket you're wearing!! its just so alive! makes me happy looking at all these pictures <3 Thank you for sharing such a beautiful things <3 ~^_^

  • Frederieke

    Can I die now!?

    The picture before the last picture: that’s me and my friend! You also included us in your Amsterdam Fashion Diary video :)! I hugged you somewhere in the video, 1:24 to be exact. I know it has been 3 weeks, but thank you so much for the meeting. You were lovely!

    Have you read the card we gave you :)? It was a big, pink one saying something like ‘I am awesome’. We came back for it the second time, do you remember :)? Probably not hehe.

    • Evelina

      Of course I remember you! Thank you so much for coming and brining me that beautiful card <3333

      • Frederieke

        You are the sweetest! You’re absolutely more than welcome know <- you will achieve even more': just keep up the good work!
        Lot's of love xx

        • Frederieke

          woah there, I guess something went wrong with my comment. Or it’s too long and the moderation thing shortened it, that also is very possible, lol.

  • Allison

    Hey I love your mint colored jacket! Where is it from??

  • Anonymous

    Ahhh I love these pictures!! <3 so happy you liked amsterdam, it was really great meeting you! And what is even greater, is that I am in the second last picture with you! The girl smiling at you haha, with the blue coat and blue/red flannel scarve and brandy bag. Haha i guess it's kind of obvious now sorry. But really really loved meeting you!! You are so nice and beautiful! Loves and hugs xx

    • sorry I thought this one didn’t send, but my recent comment should be the right one haha

  • I’m so glad you liked Amsterdam! I absolutely love these pictures!! And mostly the second last one, because now I have a pic of both of us together <3 Because I am the girl smiling at you heheh. Blue coat, red/blue scarf, little brandy bag. The explanation of me is kind of obvious now I guess haha. I really really loved meeting you!! You truly are so genuine and nice!! <3 and such a beauty! But really, such an honour to be on a picture on your blog! And i love the fact I now actually have this picture. Thanks so much! <3 Kisses xx

  • Brittany

    The donut photo has to be my fav. I know I’m such a fatty lol, but the photo with the blue fur collar peaked my interest as well. I need one of those ASAP! I have an idea of how I would style it in my head